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Top 1%. His knowledge and confidence of what to do and what is too risky to try were so important in taking me through my journey. If you want a best friend, he is not the guy. If you want a surgeon who will deliver the best possible outcome under very serious circumstances, he is the best.

– N.G, April 16th, 2019
(Acoustic Neuroma)

img_1550Thanks again doc for taking the time to look over my films and assuring me that it was indeed only one level and not three that needed surgery.

I am truly grateful and encouraged that I made the right decision on choosing my surgeon.

Enjoy the jersey and the playoffs… good luck to your team until they have to face the Giants haha.

God bless you and have a prosperous life!

– Scott and Brenda

I visited Dr. Greenwald due to consistent neck pain and increasing weakness in my right arm. He saw me quickly, and performed initial tests of strength and movement.

My arm was so weak, he told me that surgery would be most likely needed, and he did not want to delay, because the deterioration of arm strength was alarming. He prescribed a neck brace and steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, and an immediate MRI. The MRI was not conclusive, so Dr. Greenwald prescribed a second, on a more powerful machine. That MRI showed that there was NOT a bulging disc in my neck, which was the original prognosis. At the same time, over those three days, some combination of rest, the anti-inflammatory drugs, and the neck brace combined such that the pain receded rapidly.

I returned to Dr. Greenwald’s office for a repeat of the strength tests. To both of our surprise, much of my strength had been recovered. He switched my program — surgery postponed or eliminated, extend the steroid treatment for a week, and keep on with the neck brace. Continuing to show solid progress, and feel great (after some months of accelerating pain and discomfort prior to my visit, and numerous chiropractic treatments).

Dr. Greenwald says I am ‘not out of the woods yet,’ but I am now following his prescriptions and working on my posture, which seems to have been a contributor to a chronically worsening state.

So, healed by a surgeon without surgery. That is indeed a five-star surgery.

By the bye, Dr. Greenwald has a very dry wit; I have found him to be a very warm and caring human being.

David C.

I was having chronic R leg L5-S1 sciatica that refused to respond to any conservative treatment. Several of my other doctors recommended Dr. Greenwald. I saw 3 others surgeons and he was easily the best choice. He had a relaxed but professional manner that was lacking in the other surgeons who “rushed” through visits. He also had me scheduled at Sequoia in < 3 weeks. When in disabling "discomfort", that's really important. After surgery, I awoke without any sciatic pain and I was walking that evening with a hospital PT. Aside from the first few days of soreness, my sciatic pain is 100% gone. It's been 4 months and I'm totally pain free with barely a scar and no pain. What a difference. The surgery was a great decision for me. I highly recommend Dr. Greenwald and am really glad he did the microdiscectomy for me! - Finola

Hi, my name is Joel. I just wanted to thank you Doctor Ronald Greenwald for performing my cervical spine neck surgery. I got injured in 2013 on my right arm, shoulder and neck. Ever since that happened, I’ve had very bad headaches all day long until now. On April 27, 2016, Doctor Ronald Greenwald performed my neck surgery, and my headaches went away after the surgery. I just wanted to thank God for putting Doctor Ronald Greenwald in my path. Thank you Doctor, you put a big smile back in my face, gracias!

Joel R.

Neck collar free as of today! Perfect timing, considering we are forecast to reach a record-breaking 89 today. The collar is like wearing a sweatband. It has been six weeks since surgery. A big thanks to neurosurgeon Ronald Greenwald, MD.

David Louie
– Business and technology reporter for ABC7 News in San Francisco
– April 18, 2016

As you may know, I had cervical spine surgery just over two weeks ago at Sequoia Hospital. This is the great surgeon who operated on me: Ronald Greenwald MD whose practice is located in Mountain View.

Recovery is coming along nicely, and I’m grateful for his knowledge, expertise and skill. I was in the best of hands. I also have high praise for his office staff for their care and support.

David Louie
– Business and technology reporter for ABC7 News in San Francisc
– March 14, 2016

TestimonialDr. Greenwald. Because of the surgery you did one year ago, I am still alive. Thank you and Happy New Year.Alex B.

thankyougreenwaldMy Hero! Thank You Dr Ronald Greenwald, Neurosurgeon at Dignity Health Hospital, in Redwood City for turning my life around!

My name is Colleen Gallagher, I am an accomplished ICU RN for 37 years, and founder of a spearfishing non profit Diving For A Cause. Both positions require me to be fit and athletic. As a woman’s spearfishing world record holder, my passion is freediving and I love using that tool to give back to communities internationally with harvested fish and school supplies.

May 30, 2015, I suffered a cervical neck injury that resulted in severe pain, weakness,numbness and paresthesia of my right arm. Despite many months of conservative treatments,there was no improvements. I was told I may have to consider retiring early from my nursingcareer, possibly accept never being able to spearfish again, and having to make life altering plans. I refused to accept that and my decision was to have surgery. This was no simple surgery, this was a redo cervical C5/6 discectomy and fusion, spinal cord decompression and C6 nerve root decompression. I had a previous fusion C5/6 and C6/7 in 1995. I also have a bleeding disorder, Von Willebrand disease. So I did my homework, researched physicians and after a thorough search decided on Dr Greenwald.

Dr Ronald S. Greenwald has been in private practice serving northern California’s families as one of the nation’s most highly respected neurosurgeons. In addition to seeing patients at both his Mountain View and Redwood City offices, Dr Greenwald serves as Chief of the Department of Neurosurgery at San Mateo County General Hospital, and as Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of California-San Francisco’s Department of Neurological Surgery.

He is amazing! My hero without a doubt! He spent time in the office explaining the results of the MRI and CT, and then discussing the surgical options. On November 19, 2015, I had my surgery, just as clearly outlined by Dr Greenwald, at Dignity Health Hospital in Redwood City and came out a new woman! No further weakness in my right arm, no numbness or tingling! I am back to normal!!

You are my HERO!

Read more! Download her PDF!

Colleen Gallagher

Dr. Greenwald performed my Carpal Tunnel surgery and it was amazing, as well as, the quality of his work was even more amazing. Two weeks after surgery my hand felt like brand new. The scar tissue a week after that looks great. Thank you, I am back to my regular routine. I believe he is so good at what he does, he could do it with his eyes closed. He is confident in his work and takes pride in helping his patients. I felt comfortable and relaxed with his abilities before and after surgery. His warmhearted fun loving spirit was irreplaceable. Way to go Dr. Greenwald your an angel. Cherice B.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that Michael was under your care. I cannot wait for Michael to make a full recovery and finally see him out of pain. I know we had the best with you. This is going to change his life in so many wonderful ways. Elyse

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication in helping me become better.Michael C.

Dr. Greenwald performed my craniotomy. The surgery was scheduled swiftly — it took place about a week after my initial MRI, even though my tumor was discovered the week of Thanksgiving — a long weekend! Dr. Greenwald put both me and my wife at ease, and we immediately felt confident in his abilities. The operation was incredibly successful, removing 99% of the tumor, and I recuperated from the surgery quickly, with very little pain. Dr. Greenwald and his staff were very attentive, calling and checking in on me while I was in the hospital. I could not have asked for a better neurosurgeon.A.B.

Dr. Greenwald is an amazing surgeon who in my opinion is the best neurosurgeon in the field. He is a confident, skilled and incredibly gifted surgeon. Before he was able to do surgery on my back, (I had pain, tingling and numbness down my left leg numbness in my foot) He had to work on my cervical first. Dr.Greenwald. immediately understood my problem and was confident he could help and he did. Surgery was performed on my cervical and it was a complete success! After more than 20 long years of suffering, my neck pain is completely gone. I used to have migraine headaches almost daily as well as arm pain and numbness in my hands. It has been just over three weeks post-op and I have absolutely no pain. I should have had the procedure 20 years ago but they told me I would never sing again (surgery was not an option then) Dr. Greenwald and staff are truly the best. I did my first gig singing for 4 hours last weekend and all is good. I am actually looking forward to the lumbar surgery in December, knowing that Dr Greenwald is the guy that can fix it. Thank you Dr. Greenwald for giving me my life back.Chris Bigford, Woodside CA

Dr. Greenwald is a brilliant surgeon who in my opinion is one of the best neurosurgeons in the field. He is a confident, skilled and incredibly gifted surgeon. I suffered from horrible sciatica pain due to a disc herniation at L4, L5 for three years. The first neurosurgeon I saw did not want to do surgery because according to him, it would not work. I then tried physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic care. These worked but, only temporarily. The pain continued to get worse. Tingling and numbness down my left leg. Soon, my foot became numb. This was when I found neurosurgeon, Dr. Ronald Greenwald. He immediately understood my problem and was confident he could help and he did. Surgery was performed and it was a complete success! After three long years of suffering, my pain is completely gone. Remarkable! It has been almost three weeks post-op and I still have absolutely no pain. Thank you Dr. Greenwald for giving me my life back, you are the greatest!Kim Scourbys, Gilroy

I am a Stanford physician who consulted three neurosurgeons, including one at Stanford, who offered no solution to my intractable back and leg pain. In fact, two different radiologists read my MRI as normal. Dr. Greenwald looked at my MRI and after 10 minutes, declared that he understood my problem. After a 2 hour surgery, I was pain free. I had endured 3 years of incapacitating pain for no reason. I recommend Dr. Greenwald to anyone suffering sciatica or neck and arm pain. Another colleague of mine had a fabulous result after neck surgery, which I understand is his specialty!!! I cannot speak highly enough of him. He is kind, conscientious and incredibly skilled as a surgeon. Bravo!!!Dr. S. G.

I’m thinking of you with gratitude and respect…Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of our acquaintance. On June 19th, 1992 we met… I was a 26 year old male “techie” and you were a youthful & confident neurosurgeon on call at El Camino Hospital. A few hours later you opened up my skull and performed a mixture of artistry, knowledge, skill and dexterity which eradicated a cerebellar astocytoma which had been making my life a bit difficult. A couple of surgeries later, and I was on my way to what has been a thoroughly successful recovery. Cool! So, here I am, 21 years hence… and I wanted to let you know how fortunate I feel for having been your patient. I’ve enjoyed this rebirth tremendously (married, 3 kids, STILL work at Apple) and I hope that you’ve been equally blessed (for want of a better word) in your personal and professional pursuits. I remember you had 3 lovely young daughters… they must be of college age or beyond now (my oldest is). So… you have the deepest thanks from myself and my little circle of friendly apes. Take care & be well. – B.M.

Not bad for 3 weeks after surgery…Thank you!Celso Frazao

Dear Dr. Greenwald, you’re truly a wonderful person. And life couldn’t have given me a more beautiful gift than you. Forever grateful for all that you did for me (my back is still painless!)Violette

I began to have stabbing pain in my buttock that forced me to stop jogging, and then developed tingling in the side of the foot and leg. After a few months of that I got an MRI which found a large disc herniation filling the spinal canal at L4-5. Dr. Greenwald was highly recommended, and didn’t waste time studying the MRI and scheduling me for surgery. I was able to go home the same day and did a 10 minute walk on the elliptical trainer days later and returned to work in 12 days. Now it is 60 days postop, I’m lifting weights and working back up to the 3 mile run I haven’t done in over 6 months. I recommend him without any reservation, and am referring my patients to him who are in need of neurosurgical and spinal procedures.Joel Weddington, MD

A no Bullshit Master of his trade. I consulted 3 other neurosurgeons before choosing Dr. Greenwald. He was the only one that explained what needed to be done without ulterior motives or personal agendas. He is about Facts. He is a Problem Solver. He is not going to be your best friend or hold your hand. He is a Serious Surgeon and THE BEST AT WHAT HE TAKES ON. I live 3 hours away from his practice – it is worth the time & effort on my part to know that I found the Best Surgeon to take care of my neck issues. Thank you doesn’t cover it. I will respect & appreciate you Always” – Published on 8.24.13 by Jacque March on Yelp

This is in regards to my surgery on 7-10-12, by neurosurgeon Dr. Ronald Greenwald. You must know you have an amazing neurosurgeon on board your medical staff. Before my surgery I had the most terrible on-going excruciating pain with my back legs sciatica. It was unbearable, if it wasn’t for Dr. Greenwald performing the sciatic surgery, I’m sure my health would have worsened without this amazing surgery on me. I really don’t think I’d be able to walk. I can’t tell you enough. With that, I gladly appreciate Dr. Greenwald’s gift as a neurosurgeon along with his talent as a great doctor. I’m very happy that Dr. Greenwald represents one of the most respectable hospitals. I thank you along with Dr. Greenwald, I know he’s a great asset to San Mateo Medical Hospital. Thank you, Kathy – Daily City, CA

A complete fix of my sciatica. No recurrence after 15 years no problems of any kind. Great job.T. D.

FOREVER grateful for all that you’ve done for me! I thank God daily for you. You make the Universe a better place to be in. I’m happy because I know that you exist. May the Mystery of Christmas be or become as precious to you as the gift of my legs are to me.Elizabetta

Would you like to leave your own testimonial? Please visit the page below to submit your testimonial!

Patient Testimonial Submission

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